2017 Annual Guatemala Mission Trip

2017 Annual Guatemala Mission Trip

If you are interested in being part of the 2017 Annual Guatemala Mission Trip to Guatemala, please join Ben or Susan Deems before or after Church.  Now everyone knows that last year’s trip was a huge success and this year will be even better.  Eight people signed up to go and you could be number 9.

We have sent the donated goods to Guatemala and now we need something easily given — your prayers.

We need logistics team members to help organize donations, shipping, fundraising, and publicity.  Even if you will not be traveling with us, we need your help!

The Church of the Apostles offers more opportunities than ever for our parishioners to put their faith into action through challenging and rewarding mission trips where they will complete projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in need, building mission and ministry facilities, reaching out to individuals and communities through Christian service.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Deems at susanRdeems@gmail.com

To make a donation by check, please make it out to the Church of the Apostles.  In the memo line — mark it as Guatemala Mission Trip.  If you have any person you would like to support, you can rite their initials.  Drop in the offering on Sunday or mail it to the church.

If you would like to pay online, just click Donate to Guatemala Online.  Its easy!  Just fill out your information and select under the DESIGNATION BUTTON:  Guatemala Mission Trip.  You can make any designation or other thoughts in the COMMENTS section.  .


2017 Guatemala Mission Trip