Austin Street Center

Austin Street Center Feeding the Hundry   Austin Street Center Cots for sleeping

The Austin Street Center provides safe shelter and meets the basic needs of the most vulnerable homeless.

The Church of the Apostles is honored to support the Austin Street Center. For decades, our parishioners have been delivering sandwiches and fruit to feed the homeless at the Austin Street Center.

Founded in 1983, Austin Street Center is an emergency shelter. The Shelter serves men ages 45 and older and women ages 18 and older. Each person who requests shelter is provided a safe place to sleep, showers, clothing, and meals. Upon the receipt of basic needs, they can begin working on other aspects of their lives, and therefore, transition out of homelessness.

 The Austin Street Center Programs and Services include:

  • Work Readiness Program: Services include a staffed Resource Center, computer training, a job skills training program. The Center has an Employment Specialist Case Manager.
  • Veteran’s Program: Includes a support group, assistance with access to resources, VA benefits, and transportation to appointments.
  • Substance abuse support:Â Outside service providers facilitate meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Women’s Program. Designed to address the unique issues and risks that females face when homeless, the program provides support and tools that assist them through their homelessness and in future situations and relationships.
  • Spiritual support: Churches provide interdenominational services at the Center’s on-site chapel each week. Bible Study groups continue throughout the week.
  • Onsite partnerships:Â Local hospital and clinic staff come to the campus to provide mental and physical healthcare screenings and minor treatments.