Breakfast with Santa

¬ The 2017 Breakfast with Santa

The 2017 Breakfast with Santa was a wonderful occasion.¬ The turnout was fantastic and¬ children of all ages were able to tell¬ the man with the white beard what they wanted for Christmas.¬ The below pictures speak for themselves — A great time was had by all.

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¬ The 2016 Breakfast with Santa

The 2016 Breakfast with Santa was a Hugeeeeeee success.¬ Approximately 300 moms, Dads, and¬ children were in attendance and best of all, the children were on their best behavior.¬ (ummm I wonder why?) ¬ Santa¬ received letters — by both young and old — that trucks, airplanes, cars, puppies and fire engines¬ would hopefully find their way under the¬ Christmas Tree.

Finally, it was a wonderful morning in 2016 to have breakfast with Santa and we are looking forward to this year’s breakfast with Santa.
2016 Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa 216


  • In the United States and Canada, his name is Santa Claus.
  • For China, he is called Shengdan Laoren.
  • In England, his name is Father Christmas, where he has a longer coat and a long beard.
  • For France, he’s known as Pere Noel.
  • In Germany, children get presents from Christindl, the Christ Child.

Santa reminds Children to be nice!

1st¬ You must behave nicely and be friendly and helpful.

2nd¬ You must be good to yourself.¬ It means that it is good to develop yourself by studying,¬
exercising sports and having good hobbies, writing letters for example, and do other good things.

3rd¬ You must respect the nature and its animals. Kindness and peace are very important things to Santa Claus!¬ Santa Claus hopes that you will be kind and considerate¬ in the future.

4th He wants you to continue your good hobbies, too.

You see, every new day brings wonderful opportunities to those who work hard,¬
develop themselves and believe in their dreams!