Planned Events


Handicapped access to the building has been restored and is located at the east (back) entrance

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  • Sunday Morning 9:30 a.m. Adult Session — (read Philippians 4:1-9 “What — Me Worry?!?”)
  • Sunday School and Tween classes —10:30 a.m.
  • Youth Group — 6 p.m.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are here! Instructions and guidelines can be found in the lobby.The deadline for boxes to be dropped off at the church is October 31. You can also build a box online at more information on Operation Christmas Child, sponsored by Daughters of the King, Lydia Chapter, please contact Patti Smith at

New Faces At Apostles

We have been blessed by over a dozen new faces recently at Apostles!  You now may see a green dot on name tags for those newest to the parish — SO —  if you see someone with a green dot, please introduce yourself and share a warm welcome!

Hurricane Assistance Alert

1. Our Parish Daughters of the King chapter is collecting these items for local shelters in DFW

  • clothes – especially NEW socks and underwear (ALL sizes)
  • baby formula & diapers/wipes
  • non-perishable snack packs (crackers & granola/power bars)
  • bottled water

2. Zach Smith (parishioner and local police officer) is going to Houston on temporary duty.
His team can take

  • blankets
  • clothes
  • bottled water
  • granola/power bars
  • canned food (with pull tabs to open)

3.  The first police vehicle will pickup from Apostles Thursday (tomorrow) night at 7:30 pm.
Our DOK will make their next local shelter run on Friday after 3 pm.
Bring whatever items you can to the church (NOW or this weekend), and we will send them either to Houston or local shelters ASAP.
4.  If you want to make an online donation, please consider giving directly to the Diocese where the eye made landfall near Rockport and Port Aransas:
Fr. Tim



All Parish Christmas Party

Mark your holiday calendar now for Apostles’ All-Parish Christmas Party on Friday, December 1. More details coming soon!


Breakfast with Santa

Santa is coming to Apostles for breakfast on Saturday, December 9, from 9 – 11 a.m. This is a free event and open to the community!  For information on the breakfast and also how you can volunteer or contribute, please contact Sarah Moreno: or 214-493-7370.

Pillow Case Dress Project for Guatemala Girls
A few parish members have become interested in making “Pillow Case Dresses” for the children in Guatemala. The dresses are made from colorful, cotton fabric suitable for young girls. If you are interested in participating in this project, we need people who would like to make dresses (very, very simple — patterns and instructions provided) and we would love donations of colorful, cotton little-girl dress fabric. If you sew, you just might have a pretty yard of fabric left from a project that would make a great size 4 or 5 dress! We will be working toward having lots of pretty little dresses to send to Guatemala next summer — if you are interested in getting involved in this project, please contact Debbie Moss at 972-978-2649 or
Scout Troop 840

Scout Troop 840 has begun their regular weekly Troop meetings at Church of the Apostles on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m.  The leaders of the Troop are very interested in being partners with us and willing to help with all kinds of church activities.  Please think of them when you plan activities and we can work with the Scout leaders to coordinate their assistance with set up/clean up for events, moving tables/chairs, etc. If you would like to volunteer to assist with our Troop liaison duties, contact Kevin Stone at 214-636-6877 or

Questions or Comments on Capital Campaign and Building Plans or Progress?

If you have concerns and/or suggestions or advice at this stage of construction, please send them to We appreciate all recent feedback.

Pledge & Quarterly Statements

FYI quarterly giving statements will begin going out by snail mail next week; as always, please contact Jonna in the office with any question.

With our busy lives, it can be easy to forget about our pledge to the Church!  Please help us continue to operate without financial worries. It’s easy to give online using this link:

Second Quarter Giving Statements

Contribution Statements from the beginning of 2017 through the second quarter (June 30) have now been mailed. Please check your statement and if you have any concerns, please contact Jonna at the office: 972-462-0234 or




Recent Arrivals 

(Please contact the office to share names of newly born)

  • Congratulations to Edwin and Edith Namenge on the birth of their daughter, Nadia Kimberley Namenge,
& Memorials 

(Please contact the office to share names of departed and keep in prayer those who have lost family members.)

  • Keep Doug and Kathy Reinhart and their extended family in your prayers following the death of longtime parishioner Renee Reinhart.
Patrick’s Place Guild

The Patrick’s Place Guild at Apostles was established with a purpose of long-range maintenance and improvement for Patrick’s Place.   For more information about the Patrick’s Place Guild, contact Bree Russell at 972-768-2445.

Patrick's Place

Youth Group – 6 pm.

Altar Flowers

The sign up sheet for altar flowers is located on the church bulletin board outside the church office, with available dates through the end of this year.  If you would like to purchase flowers for either side (or both sides) of the Altar, the amount is $50 per side.  Please sign up early to be sure and get the date you want!  Altar flowers are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of God’s creation to our sanctuary during worship, and at the same time, honoring a loved one or a special occasion.

Letters to College Students – Daughters of the King

Each year, the Daughters of the King reach out to college students by sending them letters of encouragement while they attend school. If you have a college student in your family and would like them to benefit from this DOK ministry, please send the student’s best address via email to


Daughters of the King is an Episcopal women’s order that allows members to assist parish priests and take a vow of prayer, service, and evangelism. Training for participation is required in developing their personal rule of life; and there will be a new training class held soon! If you’re interested in attending training and would like more information, please contact Marilyn Marsh at or 214-563-2998.

Bottled Water Drive

Thank you for your continued response to the Bottled Water Drive by Daughters of the King in connection with SoupMobile Ministries. The drive is now fully operational and water is being delivered to the needy on a weekly basis. Our goal is to supply bottled water weekly throughout the summer. COA members can sponsor cases/bottles of water by going to the church website and donating online. One case of water is $4.50, five cases of water is $22.50, ten cases is $45.00, etc.  The water price includes delivery to the SoupMobile office and helps us avoid storing the water. Additionally, the DOK members avoid back strain by lifting and delivering the cases of water.  To donate water, go to and click on “Apostles Giving.”  Scroll to “Push to Pay” and enter your donation amount.  Select “Designation — Other” and in the comments, add “SoupMobile Water Donation.”  Thank you!

 Seventh Day Adventists

Our resident Seventh Day Adventist congregation shares space at Apostles on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The arrangement includes significant rent, as well as specific guidelines for space usage. We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we work through practicalities! Please contact the Rector or Wardens or the church office with any feedback or concerns.

Ushers Needed

Sending out a call for ushers! Ushers are often the first face seen when walking through the door at Apostles! Ushers welcome attendees and also assist with practical needs during the service. If you’re interested in this ministry, please contact Barbara Cervantes at or 972-539-8890.

Sunday school is a place for your kids to come together,

make friends and grow in their faith together! We study lessons in the Bible, learn them in unique ways, and find ways that they apply to us in our day to day life. With arts and crafts, plays, and games, there is always something fun for your kids at our Sunday school and tween classes!” Sunday School and Tween Classes, Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. 

Adult Sunday Morning Session:

Sunday Morning 9:30 a.m. Adult Session.

Veteran’s Day Assembly at Riverchase

Riverchase Elementary is hosting a Veteran’s Day Assembly on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m.  They would like to honor any of our members who are veterans. Please consider attending this assembly to be recognized and appreciated….this assembly is also open to anyone who would like to say thanks to our veterans!

Riverchase Elementary Volunteers Needed

Now that school has begun, it’s time for us to think about our partnership with Riverchase Elementary.  We have provided volunteers from Church of the Apostles for two years now!  Some jobs available are reading with students, helping with math facts, working in the library, being a lunch buddy and helping with the Readathon.  The counselor at Riverchase is looking forward to working with us and is eager to have some helpers! All volunteers must complete a background check, including those who are returning as volunteers. Please copy and paste the link  to complete the background check or use the following instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “About Us”
  • Scroll down on the drop-down to “Community Involvement”
  • Click on the picture on the far right (volunteer page)
  • On the Volunteer Page click on one of the blue links that says  “Online background check” or “Volunteer Background Check”
  • (If you are a returning volunteer, sign in).

If you’re interested in volunteering, need assistance with your background check, or have any questions about this wonderful, worthwhile opportunity, please contact Debbie Moss at 972-978-2649 or

20s and 30s Group Pumpkin Carving Party

The 20s & 30s Group at Apostles will be having a pumpkin carving party on Friday, October 20, from 6-9 p.m. Child care will be available in the nursery.  Bring your own pumpkin to carve, a dessert or appetizer and your creativity!  Some carving tools provided; but if you have some of your own, feel free to bring them.  For questions, please contact Margarett Will at or 817-528-0007

The 20s and 30s Group at Apostles is for young adults looking for fellowship, outreach, and service opportunities with other young adults in our community. We meet for lunch after service on the third Sunday of the month (unless holidays conflict) and hold one event per month, such as game nights, clean up day at church, bowling, and laser tag. Childcare is available in the nursery during our lunches and events.

The Sisterhood Bible Study

is for women and we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 24.  It will be hosted at Shemara Jeyarajah’s home,  976 Bethel School Road, Coppell.  If you need a book or have questions, please contact Susan Deems at 214-415-6323 or

Cursillo October 12 – 15

The next Cursillo will be held from Thursday, October 12, through Sunday, October 15, at Camp Crucis. Plan to take advantage of this change to get away, enjoy fellowship, worship, and service to the Lord through Cursillo!  There is a $150 fee to cover room and board and an application and sponsor form is available at  Partial scholarships are available, as well as babysitting and housesitting services provided!  For more information, please contact Marilyn Marsh at     214-563-2998 or

Cursillistas Reunion Meetings Held on Tuesday Evenings Every Week

As a reminder, all Church of the Apostles Cursillistas are invited to reunion on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. in the parlor.  To be mindful of each other’s precious time, we begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. and are usually finished by 6:15 p.m. Please join us when you can for this very important part of your Fourth Day journey!  Contact Patti Smith at 972-393-9717 for more information.

Ministry Oversight Method (“MOM”)

Have you ever looked up on a Sunday morning at church to see a burned out light bulb and thought, “I wonder who’s in charge of that?” Or do you have an idea for a really neat ministry project but wonder whom to tell?

Each Vestry member (except Wardens) serves as a liaison to leaders of various church ministries.  Members and newcomers alike are encouraged to bring their ideas, concerns, and questions to the Vestry liaison/Lay Ministry leaders by emailing them at

Snacks for Apostles Day School & Riverchase Elementary

Donations of snacks are needed and much appreciated for both Apostles Day School and Riverchase Elementary.  If you can contribute, healthy snacks of pre-packaged foods such as goldfish, fruit roll-ups, juice boxes, etc. can be placed in the container in the lobby for distribution.  Please, no items with peanut butter or nuts. Thank you for contributing! If you would like information about enrolling your child, please contact Director Vicki Byam at 972-393-0655.




If you need to reach office staff — feel free to PUT OFFICE PHONE NUMBERS (Phone: 972.462.0234 FAX: 972.393.9102) IN YOUR PHONE. Email and voicemail will be checked regularly. For urgent items, please call the office first. Then if needed, call/text the rector at 214-918-4928. The office email address is

Father Tim’s Email Address

Please use: and delete the outdated from your contact list. Thank you!

On the first Sunday of each month, visitors and members all are invited to have lunch with the Band!

Lunch will be at 12:30 p.m. at a nearby restaurant —location determined during “head count” after church. Join us for lunch on first Sundays. Questions? Contact Ben Ryan at

Prayer Requests

When asking for prayer requests, you may submit a request either by filling out the request form in the “So Glad You’re Here” notebook or by emailing Apostles at Please indicate whether you want the request to be listed in the weekly bulletin prayer list — or kept private. If nothing is indicated, your request will be sent to only our Confidential Intercessors.

Saint Martha’s Guild Seeking Food Ministry Helpers

St. Martha’s Guild is looking for women within the parish to help parish families, amid illness or crisis, joyful arrivals of new babies, etc.  You don’t need to cook a five course meal! Sometimes we use donated gift cards to pick up and deliver take-out food!  For more information, please call or text Stephanie Clifton at 469-878-1003. Donations of gift cards for food are always welcome and much appreciated!

Community 12-step group now meets on Monday evenings at Apostles.

You might see their members enter the building on Monday evenings. (The group normally now meets and remains in the sanctuary without any effect on activities on the parish hall side.) If you see them enter or exit the building, please respect their privacy. We welcome them to Apostles, give thanks for their godly work, and keep them in our ongoing prayers.


Months ago, your Vestry began a process of discernment looking into the future. We began and based the journey on a simple question (“What is our mission?”) and a short list of our responses:

  • Bring people to Christ.
  • Express the Word of God to as many as possible.
  • Evangelize and spread the Good News.
  • Provide a place where people feel the Holy Spirit.
  • Feed the souls of the people in the name of the Trinity.
  • Provide the Lord’s Word to the community.

Request to all ministry heads: As we continue our office transition and review of all procedures, please contact us with any information you may require —weekly, monthly, or before Christmas/Easter, etc. We want to provide support to all parish ministries; so, please let us know of any special or reoccurring items that should be on our “to do” list. If you have any questions, please ask Father Tim, Jonna, or Janice. Thank you!!!

Apostles STEWARDSHIP and online giving for 2017

The STEWARDSHIP of God’s blessings continues to be a significant focus of your Vestry as it continues to manage church funds wisely. If you have not renewed your pledge for 2017 (even if continuing your giving level from last year), OR if you are relatively new to Apostles and are contributing for the first time, we appreciate ALL gifts and support this calendar year.  You can fill out a hard copy pledge card (available at church or watch your snail mail), or simply send a private email to  PLEASE also consider joining a growing number of parishioners making reoccurring donations online.  Simply go to

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

We are renewing our focus on Lay Eucharistic Visitors who take communion to parishioners who are sick or shut-in, in hospital or rehab, or home settings. Bobbi Henson now coordinates this as part of our healing/visitation ministry. If you or anyone you know has been absent from church due to illness or similar circumstances, please contact Jane Elterman at elterman1@ to request a visit with Holy Communion.

General comments or questions?

Please send to or