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From our Rector

What a joy to be a part of Apostles in 2017.
Church of the Apostles began as an intentional, evangelical outpost 25 years ago. Some still among us were part of that journey from diocesan “mission” to full parish status, with a few physical and spiritual stops along the way. The current building, as expected, now shows signs of wear.  In addition, there are ongoing constraints on parish life and activities because of a lack of a dedicated parish hall, limited support space, and cramped quarters all around.

The good news:

We have spent almost three years investigating potential smart, cost-effective options … conducting feasibility interviews… wondering what could make Apostles an even more special place to worship and serve? The concepts unveiled are the result of the congregation’s ideas and feedback. The Committee to ensure the completeness for all planning processes successfully completed its work and any final version will depend on donations, cash-flow, and host of other considerations… BUT…

Because the vision is represented by pictures, the congregation sees the same vision Apostles was built on from its inception:  A Parish filled with the Holy Spirit in worship, evangelism, and service amid a hurting world — hungry for the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Hence, every choice that is makde regarding buildings (or any other issue) receives its breath and birth from this Mission — the Church of the Apostles’ foundation identifies teaching with Christ as the Cornerstone.

Thanks for adding knowledge, skills and advice to this sacred work.

Fr. Tim Cherry

Church of the Apostles Building campaign Update (November, 2017)
  • The bank has approved the loan.
  • Competitive construction bids have been received and a construction company has been awarded the contract.
  • City Permits have been approved.
  • A handy cap entrance to the Church has been built.
  • Next step will be to regain access to the front door of the Church.
In the last three years, we have shifted from a small handful of major givers to “everyone helps a little” – so every gift makes a big difference!

Thank you for all donations: weekly or one-time or building fund.


Fr. Tim & Wardens & Vestry_______________________________________________________________

apostle_sealThank you for your ongoing pledges and offerings that keep our ministries and programs running, as well as your special gifts that are making our new facilities possible soon!   


We welcome all questions and suggestions, and we commend this long awaited project to you as a priority for your charitable giving and in your prayers for our Parish. 

All questions or comments are welcome to

DeDee Riddle, Sr. Warden
Marilyn Marsh, Junior Warden
Janice Grimmett, Campaign Follow-Up
Lee Carroll, Building Committee Chair
Fr. Tim Cherry

Rendering One

Building Campaign Rendering

Building Campaign Rendering

What Can I Do?

Pray Constantly:
Because seeking God’s Will provides the foundation for Building on Our Foundation. Pray for the Church, its members and its ministries. Thus, pray that God will enlighten the eyes of your heart to know the hope of God’s calling.

To begin with, see what is happening and what God is doing in our Church. Learn everything you can about our ministries, our vision, and our project.  As a result, provide suggestions, ideas, notions and your thoughts about the new Building Campaign by sending an email to

Share Your Faith:
Take this opportunity for worship and for study to deepen your faith. In addition, a whole congregation of friends awaits you for this journey!  Find ways to share what you are learning while encouraging others to join in the excitement to see God at work in your life and in the life of our Church.

Make Your Own Prayerful Pledge Commitment:
Turn your prayers and faith into action by first making a giving decision that honors God and you. As a result, faithfully and joyfully provide your gift to the gifts of our congregation that have been given in the preceding months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money are we trying to raise?
The project equates to our feasibility study data and will require in the neighborhood of $1 million. Therefore, that is our goal for this campaign.

When do the commitments start?
In the past year, the Church raised lots or money, but more is needed.

Can we make a family commitment?

Will I have the chance to revise my commitment?
Yes, you have the option of revising a commitment at any time.

Will public requests for commitments exist?
No, and we will not announce your individual commitment, but we are hoping for additional donations.

How do we make our gifts toward the program?
Because special offering envelopes are available, donations are very easy to provide.  Probably, in the future, the church will consider the implementation of electronic/online giving software.

Can I give toward my commitment once a year, every three months, or in some other manner?
Yes, you may donate however in the most convenient fashion for you– lump sum, as well as annually or monthly or weekly.

How will donations received, held and used?
Consequently, all monies received are held in a separate (restricted and audited) account with expenditures made ONLY for the capital project.

What happens if we do not reach our milestones?
Because giving can be reflected in milestones, our consulting firm can understand our giving potential. If the goal fails to reach its expected dollar amount, unfortunately the project may need to be augmented or implemented in stages due to the fact that the project will then be dependent on additional donations

Is there an expectation that everyone in our Parish will give to this program?
Thus, we hope that each and every family will seriously consider participating in this opportunity. Each gift will be different, large and small, cash and in-kind gifts, but they will work together to accomplish something incredible at our Parish.

When will construction begin?
As everyone can see, preliminary construction has begun.  Subsequently the initiation of construction to the entrance to the Church with its handicap ability will begin shortly.

Will we be borrowing any long term dollars?
Current plans do not include taking on significant long term debt in view of a conservative and safer approach.

Can I donate assets other than cash?
The  Church welcomes securities, real estate, life insurance and any asset that can be sold, and therefore, for more information, contact the Church office and a financial adviser

How does my commitment affect my regular giving to Church of the Apostles?
Finally we recognize that your gift should reflect sacrifice and love over and above what you regularly give.