Donate a Memorial Easter Lily

Donate an Easter Lilly

Tradition states that the Easter Lily originated in the Garden of Eden by the teardrops of Eve that she spread while leaving the Garden of Eden. They were teardrops of repentance.

For the Christian, the Easter Lily is used in a positive sense and represents many things. The Easter Lily is representative of Christ’s resurrection, it speaks of purity and innocence, being untainted by the world. The Easter Lily also represents a new season, a new birth, such as when one comes to Christ. Symbolic of purity and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter Lilies adorn Christian homes and houses of worship on the holy day that shares its name.

Each planted Easter Lilly bulb grows and becomes replanted three times over the course of the first three-year period.  Then it’is shipped to greenhouses and “timed to bloom” for Easter, according to the flower’s Research Foundation’s Web site.

While hardy, the flower is temperamental and subject to virus infection, according to “Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Plants and Flowers.”

The form below will be forwarded to the Church Secretary.  Please drop off your payment of $15.00 for each ordered Easter Lilly at your leisure and we want to give thanks for your wonderful generosity.


Easter Lilly