Mission Trips

Giving and Reflections in Guatemala

We are already looking forward to 2018 Mission Trip to Guatemala as the 2017 trip was a huge success.  Just take a look at the pictures for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and you can easily see the facial expressions that the Mission Trips are truly inspirational.

On 1/31/18 Daniel from Eyes Wide Open Ministries visited the Church of the Apostles and provided a fantastic presentation of the work that the Church of the Apostles and many other churches are providing to residents of Guatemala.   What a wonderful evening and all gave Daniel a huge thanks for his dedication.

Daniel from Eyes Wide Open Ministries

What we do on a trip will depend a lot on the destination; however, there are some things that we do on just about every trip:

  • Preach/ teach
  • Share our testimonies
  • Train church planters
  • Sing, worship with and pray over the leaders of the congregations.  If you choose to join us in 2018, be prepared to be changed and come back moved and inspired.
  • On every trip, the participants learn a great deal about a different culture: its language, its history, its food, its traditions, its topography, its successes, and its failures.

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Mission Trip to Guatemala — 2017                       

The Mission Trip to Guatemala — 2016

Mission Trip to Guatemala — 2015