The Parish Hall

COTA2 10 22 18 - The Parish Hall

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, our new Parish Hall was blessed and dedicated by The Right Reverend Dr. George Sumner, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.  As customary in our Anglican tradition, Bishop Sumner’s visit also included baptism, confirmation, reception from other communions, and renewal of baptismal vows — with over 30 parishioners marking spiritual milestones through these rites.

The bishop’s sermon emphasized “how buildings speak” to our identity in Jesus Christ and our mission to follow Him.

A celebration followed the church services, with lunch shared among church members, Scout Troop 840, and representatives of architects 5G Studio and contractor Scott & Reid.

God willing, it was the very first of many gatherings in decades to come!

The Parish Hall Ceremony and Dedication                                                       Click on pictures below to enlarge

It took a little over a year from digging the hole to having our beautiful building.  The sequence of events are remembered in pictures and events.