Pastoral Care

Pastorial Care


Pastoral Care ministries make the love of God tangible for parishioners.  Our priest and Eucharistic Visitors remain available to visit parishioners in the hospital or home for any reason.  (Please contact the church office or priest directly in case of scheduled or emergency medical issue; please do not assume word automatically will reach them!)   Immediate crises — public or private — receive responses 24/7, with appointments gladly made as soon as practical for informal conversation, guidance, or the rite of confession and reconciliation.

Reconciliation of a Penitent
In our Anglican tradition, we make a public and corporate confession of sin at almost every Holy Eucharist. Sometimes, however, people desire a more personal, private confession to a priest.  Please contact the Rector to schedule a time to share this private sacrament — a time which, when specifically invoked and agreed upon, remains by law and custom entirely confidential, without exception.

House Blessing
Occupying a new home can be a joyous occasion!  the Church of the Apostles clergy remains available to bless a new house or at times a home troubled by discord or disturbance.

Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child
We LOVE babies and are always delighted to come to a hospital room after childbirth.  Our Clergy can offer a prayer of thanksgiving, protection, or (where necessary) baptism.  We understand that 48-hour hospital stays do not always offer a convenient opportunity, and we are happy to quickly respond whenever possible.  Please contact the Parish Office or Rector with baby news as soon as you can!

Altar Flowers
Almost every Sunday, volunteers personally prepare flower arrangements for the altar.  These beautiful flower arrangements celebrate births, baptisms and memorials or thanksgivings for loved ones. Flowers sometimes are delivered also to those who are sick or homebound in hospitals or nursing homes.

Giving Blood
We regularly receive a Red Cross Bloodmobile on site at Church to support this life-giving ministry.

St. Martha’s Guild
Members and volunteers provide meals for homebound members, often those ill or recently discharged from the hospital.  Sometimes food cards are given and used to pick up “take out” food from local restaurants when diet or time is limited.

Pastoral Counseling
While not licensed counselors, our clergy can provide a listening ear, spiritual guidance amid crisis or perplexity, and referral to other trusted resources when life gets tough.  This occurs in response to all imaginable forms of difficulty and darkness, and we will make every effort to connect you with life-saving help whenever needed.  Please contact the Parish Office or clergy directly.



Pastoral Care