Apostles Update

A Pastoral Letter From Father Tim Cherry, Rector

July 25, 2020

Dear Apostles,

Please join us online as we broadcast our 10:30 AM livestream tomorrow!  You may be able to view the service on your cellphone or tablet from the back parking lot, as well.

NEW – we now have a new short-distance FM radio frequency available. If you park in back, try listening to the livestream service- tune in on your car radio to FM 95.7.

Whether you follow the 10:30 AM broadcast or not, we will again make communion from the altar available in the back parking lot at conclusion of the service – approximately from 11:15 to 11:45 AM.

Please remember to observe the same previous ground rules restated below.

Please remain in your vehicle to receive.  Do NOT plan on gathering or visiting with friends or stopping inside the church.

Either myself or a white-robed lay Eucharistic minister will bring the consecrated bread to you.  We will be masked and ask you to do the same.

Similarly, the physical sacrament will be handled only by my gloved hand before you receive it in a small baggie in “no touch” fashion.  You may consume immediately or take it home to do so during next week’s livestream.  (If you take it home, please treat safely and reverently.)

This is a somber opportunity to receive Eucharist under extraordinary conditions and caution — similar to our taking Communion into a hospital room.

As always, there is no pressure to attend. I encourage high risk households to remain under roof where needed.

Your observance and cooperation in helping everyone remain as safe as possible during this difficult time is very much appreciated.

Prayers above all and amid all.

Fr. Tim