Apostles Update

A Pastoral Letter From Father Tim Cherry, Rector

October 16, 2020 

Dear Apostles,

By now, we all are weary of commentary about politics and COVID and current events.  Those of you who know internet star “Grumpy Cat” will understand that in brief words here, I do not wish to become “Grumpy Priest” amid our continued marathon. 

Now it appears some indicators are positive, and others are moving in the wrong direction – again. 

That said, please accept a few updates, where practical and spiritual matters sometimes converge. 

1. We will keep our current worship and communion options for now.  These include four ways to participate sacramentally every week: in person (outside and inside), brief “take & wave” carside communion distribution, and remote viewing.  

We will continue to restore activities – with precautions – wherever there is interest and safe opportunity. 

There is no pressure at all.  I respect everyone’s individual choice depending on their medical conditions and household risks.  

2. I also sense that our corporate patience may be wearing thin as this drags on. Like you, I crave an end to all our modifications – large and small, obvious and hidden.

One recent email from a national church consultant described clergy and church staffs (across the country and all denominations) as being demoralized, with heroic efforts during during the initial wave giving way now to a barrage of “we want” complaints from members unhappy with a long list of items.  

3. When we all (priest included!) are tempted to grumble about our temporary discomforts or inconveniences, please remember the millions of believers facing prison and persecution this week – brothers and sisters who gladly would trade their circumstances for ours.  

Please also join me in channeling fatigue or complaint into daily prayers – and help – for those facing extreme despair, discord, addiction, or hardship – all still perhaps more “epidemic” than the virus itself.  

4. To borrow an illustration you may have heard from me before: the last lap of any race is not the hardest.  The *next to last lap* can be when we feel spent with the end not yet in sight. 

All questions and suggestions are welcome, with a reminder that there is no roadmap in the Prayer Book for a once-a-century pandemic. 

“Forbearance” and “charity” however are good Anglican words.  Please join me in asking God for more of both!

5. Fret not.  Jesus died to offer us real hope and New Life – in this world and the next.  These conditions are temporary.  God’s love and mercy are eternal.  

**Whether you are solo or single or family, if you have not risked coming to church for weeks (or months), please drive by this Sunday between 1115-1130 for a quick wave and blessing and communion – I would LOVE to see you! **

Fr. Tim