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Help For Living

When Life Gets Tough

At Apostles, we don’t expect “fake smiles” while pretending life is perfect, especially when it seems to be falling apart!  Instead, we prefer “brave smiles.” That means trusting in God’s Love in the midst of trouble… leaning on your faith community for support… and getting wise guidance to make the best possible decisions.

We do pray for healing and wholeness in all forms: spiritual, emotional, physical, chemical, familial.  If you are in a dark or difficult time, odds are good that others have survived similar trials.  We may not have instant solutions, but usually, we can find help close at hand.  If you let us know what is going on, we will value that trust and work to find the best way forward — with God’s help.

 Apostles prays regularly for healing of all types  We also maintain appropriate boundaries in close consultation with caring and qualified professionals.

"What Do You Want?"

This is a question Jesus asks time and time again in the Gospels.  Even with our advanced understanding of human behavior and health, the question still lingers.  Whether we are sailing in smooth seas and sunny skies – or under threatening clouds and heavy waves — it can help to identify our biggest threat or fear or goal.  Then we can seek a faithful path to travel.  That usually takes more than memorizing a quick Bible verse!   Good news:  helpful – and holy — resources abound.  Jesus does save… and care… and heal.  We believe his promises, even when difficult to hear over the noise and chaos of crisis.  How can we help?