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Looking For A North Dallas Parish?

When It’s Time To Find A New Church

Church of the ApostlesEvery week, Apostles welcomes visitors and members from two dozen DFW cities.  So you can make it to church, whether you live a few minutes around the corner — or 20 minutes by highway (without rush hour!) from all directions.

Above all, our spiritual life together is shaped and supported by God’s gifts: Jesus’ insistent, gentle Love for us as conveyed by the Sacraments of the Church.

If you already feel at home with Eucharist (“Mass” or “Holy Communion”), worship at Apostles may seem quite familiar.  And if you come from a different church background (or no church background), you can give yourself time to understand what we do together — and how it can guide all your choices and decisions.

Yes, Parish Life also includes a broad range of opportunities for fellowship, study, outreach, and service.

Whether you are seeking a church as an individual, couple, or family (with babies, children, or teens) … let us know how we can help.

Whatever your spiritual background or needs, we would love to have you at Apostles.   Please feel free to send us a message — all questions are allowed!

Church Of The Apostles Episcopal

As an Anglican church, regular worship that combines traditional liturgy and a “wider than usual” music mix remains the heart of our parish.  You may discover a deep sense of reverence, focused on God, without being artificial or stuffy.

Church of the Apostles uses the Book of Common Prayer