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Saturday Evening Church Services

Saturday Evening Church Services at the Church of the Apostles, Coppell TXThere are a number of reasons for having Saturday Church Services at 5:30 pm.  First, we want to reach people who cannot make it on Sunday mornings.  Knowing that families can be incredibly busy, we want to provide another option for people to attend worship at the Church of the Apostles. Then through the years, there has been a continuing interest by our parishioners to continue Saturday evening Church Services, as it enables us to provide the community with needed flexibility to worship at the Church of the Apostles.

What’s different about Saturday Night Worship?

There really is no difference between liturgy and sacrament.  It’s a smaller and more intimate group– usually with guitar music.  Children are always welcome, although there is no nursery care on Saturday evenings, we have a full nursery for Sunday services.

Is there a dress code?

Fashion is your choice.  There are no rules as to what clothes to wear to worship.

Why 5:30 pm?

What better time for a Saturday Church Service.  It’s a time when the day’s activities are completed and a perfect time to reflect in the house of God.  After service, many go to a local restaurant for dinner and camaraderie.

In conclusion, all Christians are invited to attend our 5:30 PM Saturday evening service, and if baptized please join us in Holy Communion.