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Changing Churches or going to an Episcopal Church for the first time may feel a little different.  We at the Church of the Apostles in Coppell, Texas, understand that feeling and we try to make our church a second home.  Friendship abounds and we truly have a happy Church.

We want our parishioners to be able to relax, feel welcome, and participate as they choose. Here are a couple of hints of what you might expect if you come to worship with us at the Church of the Apostles.

It’s good to arrive a few minutes early before the service so you can get yourself settled. How about a cup of coffee, or you can say “hi” to the choir or Ben, our Musical Director.  There will be ushers or greeters who will give you a bulletin/service leaflet/program which will guide you through the service. Now you know you will not get lost during the service.

Next, choose any seat you like in our comfortable pews. Sometimes new people will sit in the back, just to check things out. Those of us who are short may like to sit nearer to the front so we can see everything going on.

Communion is for every Christian who has been baptized. Anyone who falls into this category is invited.

The Church of the Apostles is different.  It has a young, caring, and devoted congregation that loves new parishioners.  Come give us a try.