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Receiving Communion

For All Who Are Baptized

Receiving CommunionTo celebrate Communion, parishioners get up from their pews or chairs and walk to the front of the church.  They then stand or kneel at the altar to receive communion.

Most Churches have ushers to help guide you; however, if there are no ushers, this is a good time to watch what others are doing and follow their example. The official policy of the Episcopal Church is that all baptized people may receive communion.

Many churches have broadened that policy to invite anyone who is seeking God to receive bread and wine to remember his son Jesus Christ.

If you don’t want to receive the sacraments that is totally fine. You can remain in your seat, or you can also come forward and cross your arms over your chest. The priest will offer you a blessing instead of communion.

If you do want to receive the bread and wine, hold out your hands and the priest or layperson will put a piece of bread, cracker, or wafer in your hand. Then another liturgical member will come with a cup of wine. There are a few choices here. You can eat the bread when it is put in your hand and then take a sip of wine from the cup.

If you don’t want to drink from the cup you can also leave the bread in your hand.  Then you will dip the bread, cracker or wafer in the wine and place it in your mouth. It is also totally fine to receive only the bread or only the wine.  Either is considered a full receiving of communion.  Once you have received communion, simply return to your seat. Often music is played or sung during the celebration.