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Episcopal Church In Grapevine, Texas

Episcopal Church near GrapevineChurch of the Apostles would like to thank those who come from Grapevine, Texas to worship with us.

Historic Grapevine, TX, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, is a go-to destination when planning a trip to North Texas! Step back in time in Historic Downtown with its collection of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Enjoy fantastic hotels and resorts, great attractions for the entire family: fabulous shopping opportunities, outstanding dining at over 200 restaurants, winery tasting rooms, a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities, award-winning festivals and events, and much more, because this city has something for everyone.

Spend a delightful weekend in Grapevine, TX, because it is the perfect couple’s getaway.  It has over 200 restaurants, premier shopping, and fabulous hotels. The city is definitely the best spot for a romantic escape with your sweetheart. So, make a memorable romantic getaway with your love. With many fun, romantic events and fine dining options coupled with the extraordinary hotel rates, you’ll LOVE our city.

Every Wine Tour is a unique experience because this city is home to more extraordinary wineries than we can explore on any given tour. We rotate our itineraries daily. So feel free to join us on consecutive days — make new friends, taste more bountiful wines, and cast your votes for the Most Outstanding Winery and Wine of our city, as selected exclusively by our guests.

We are deeply blessed with many members.  We invite all Episcopalians and Christians in the Grapevine, TX, area to join us at the Church of the Apostles.